Push Ad Campaign Guidelines

If you are looking for an effective way to alert your target audience about the latest updates or deals, try running a push ad campaign, available in the Adskeeper dashboard!


Step 1 Log into the Adskeeper dashboard.

Step 2 Get started with the campaign.

Choose a push campaign type from the drop-down menu and don’t forget to fill in the rest of the fields.

Step 3 Set GEO and device targeting.

Select the countries and regions you want to target. You can also choose whether to focus only on larger screen visitors, mobile, tablet visitors or everything from the list.

In case you want to get more detailed statistics on what GEOs and platforms to reach, try our Traffic Insights tool.

Smart algorithm advises you on targeting with low competition or better performing sources, allowing you get more traffic and, consequently, increase your ROI.

Step 4

After all the steps are completed, push the “Confirm” button to schedule your campaign and set the daily limits by budget, clicks or conversions.

Please note that the time zone in Adskeeper is PST.

We recommend setting daily budget limits to get relevant data for the campaign optimization.

Step 5

After all the steps are followed and the teasers are created, get down to adding the funds.

Push Advertising Creative Guides

Before launching your new campaign, please be sure to review and understand our content policies. Please be aware that these policies are not exhaustive and are subject to change without prior notice.

Content policies

Prohibited content and practices

  • Promotion of illegal substances or activities;

  • Illicit drugs, prescription drugs;

  • Adult content: overly sexualized content, escort services and prostitution, erotic content, pornography,

  • dating sites in which money or an item are exchanged for a date;
    Sexualization of children;

  • Hateful content: content that may insult one's gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, creed, race,
    political preferences, disability, medical conditions;

  • Disturbing content: dead bodies, acts of violence, terrorism, open wounds, grotesque content;

  • Weapons and explosives;

  • Products or services claiming to predict the future;

  • Misleading content, slanderous reports;

  • Third-party brand names and logos without permission, copyright infringement;

  • Fundraising organizations;

  • Spam, spyware, malware, illegal hacking devices, phishing websites;

  • Automatic downloads;

  • Torrents.

Restricted content

If you want to run content from any of the following restricted categories listed below, please contact your account manager for assistance.

  • Dating services;

  • Video gaming;

  • Cryptocurrency offers;

  • Binary;

  • ICO;

  • Financial services;

  • Self-improvement products;

  • Software downloads;

  • Subscription services;

  • Supplements;

  • Sweepstakes or contests;

  • E-cigarettes and vaping products;

  • Gambling offers;

  • Healthcare products and supplements;

  • Sexual health offers and sex toys;

  • Non-profit volunteer and charity organizations;

  • Crowdfunding;

  • Political content;

  • Services that are prone to abuse.

Push creatives


Tech requirements:

  • Image file size should be no larger than 5 mb;

  • Acceptable formats are jpg, jpeg, png, steady gif;

  • Image size should be 492x328 or bigger - your ad image will be automatically optimized for a corresponding device by the system


  • Images with color borders;

  • Animated images;

  • Blurry, distorted or poorly photoshopped images;

  • Images with arrows, circles and other elements that appear to be annoying, irrelevant or aggressive;

  • Copyright infringing activities;

  • Use of third-party brand names and logos without permission;

  • Illegal celebrity endorsement;

  • Disturbing imagery: dead bodies, acts of violence, terrorism, open wounds, grotesque images;

  • Images depicting overly sexualized content, escort and prostitution, erotica, pornography;

  • Sexualization of children;

  • Images that may insult one's gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, creed, race, political preferences, disability, medical conditions;

  • Depictions of illicit drug use.


Tech requirements:

  • Headline contains no more than 30 symbols

  • Advertising text contains no more than 40 symbols


  • Macros in headlines and advertising text;

  • Multiple punctuation marks/ellipses;

  • Offensive wording, f-words, erotic, pornographic wording;

  • Poor grammar;

  • False and misleading statements;

  • Copyright infringement;

  • Illegal celebrity endorsement;

  • Use of third-party brand names and logos without permission;

  • Headlines which may insult one's gender, identity, sexual orientation, faith, creed, race, political preferences, disability, medical conditions.

What do they look like?

Some of you can get such notifications on a daily basis.

The thumbnail formats are different depending on the device you use:

Rectangular crop is for widescreen banner (Android, Windows desktop and mobile);

Square crop is for standard push notification format (Mac OS).

Creative Best Practices

Short. Creative. Meaningful.

Overtake your competitors and increase users sign-ups with ads involving the use of a minimum of words and simple yet catchy graphics.

Forget storytelling approach, make a sense of urgency combined with juicy details. Add emojis, stickers, splashes or buttons to your images.

Do not use cluttered images for push ads. Literally it doesn’t make any sense here. Try using images with big, bright object with minimum items on the background.

Make your push notification seem useful

Use catchy phrasing and intrigue your audience

Make it short

Speak in first person

Use time frames and countdowns, make your audience hurry up!

Make your user feel involved in something only insiders know about

Use reminders

Make it intimate

Make your audience want to “join the club”

Express joy!